January 2022 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

Well, here we are in a new year and new astrological cycle. People always ask, “when will things get better?” My interpretation of the cosmic vibe says that the first two and a half months are a bit rocky but by the end of March the energy gets more stable and concerned with a course correction. All the planets are fairly close together now and well into July, occupying 6 signs of the zodiac and hemmed in between the nodes so it’s a time of intensity, focused energy and some tunnel vision. However, it is still energy that can be put to good use if you use the highest intentions for good.

We begin the year with a new Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd, which skews the energy towards that feminine, cardinal, earthy energy with four planets occupying that sign. Capricorn is a care taking sign so it would be wise to use this energy to take stock of what you have and what you want to grow and preserve in the new year.

Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn until the 29th when she goes direct at 11 degrees. She is separating from the recent conjunction with Pluto so there should be less drama in relationship matters, which is always welcome.

Mercury enters into forward thinking Aquarius on the 2nd but then goes retrograde on the 14th and moves back into Capricorn on Jan 27th. He goes direct at 24 degrees of Capricorn in early February, which is close to Pluto’s position of 26 degrees so late January and early February may have global tension or threatening situations happening in the world.

Mars moves from 13 degrees of Sagittarius to 5 degrees of Capricorn by month’s end. He is considered exalted in Capricorn so one’s ability to accomplish things are better in February and early March.

Jupiter is now in its own sign of Pisces which should bring more inclusion, expansion and compassion into everyone’s consciousness. Well, the potential for that positive outcome is present, anyway. The world is truly in need of this energy.

Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius and should function well here for discipline and structure for the rest of the year and into the beginning of 2023. Saturn is where one meets one’s proper rewards for hard work. It is considered a karmic planet, thereby you reap what you sow.

Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius are now separating from their square aspect that was present through most of 2021. This will be a relief as their energies are not that compatible as Uranus rocks the boat while Saturn wants stability. This is one of the reasons the energy gets better in 2022 as they move apart.

Neptune will gracefully move forward in Pisces from 20 to 21 degrees and Pluto, the lord of the underworld and intense transformation, grinds through the end of the 25th degree and the 26th degree of Capricorn, uncovering the many secrets and underhanded deeds of the power brokers, wealthy businessmen and governments along the way.

Read your Sun sign and Rising sign for best information.

Aries — March 21-April 19:  Your ruling planet, Mars, is cruising through Sagittarius, stimulating an interest in adventures, travel, the outdoors and having experiences that expand the mind and strengthen the body. It may also bring an increase in professional exposure and business success with the 10th house energy getting a boost now. You are motivated to make things happen and the energy is on your side, so just do it. February will also bring you good results. The 8th and 9th are your stellar days.

Taurus — April 20-May 20:  With your ruling planet, Venus, currently in her retrograde phase in the sign of Capricorn, you are probably pondering how to improve your financial security and/or leave a legacy. It is an excellent time to review your various insurance policies and investments to make any adjustments necessary to achieve your new goals. Nothing risky, of course, regarding new investments but you also want to include a budget for travel. The 10th and 11th are positive days to begin the plan.

Gemini — May 21-June 21:  This is a time for a review and reorganization of some life goals, particularly during the upcoming Mercury retrograde mid-month. You have some valid concerns about how to manage your finances and may have to rethink your strategies with your partner or your parents. Use this month to gather information but don’t make changes until Mercury goes direct after February 4th. New information is coming in. You will feel supported by the positive lunar vibes on the 13th and 14th.

Cancer — June 22-July 23: With 4 planets transiting your solar 7th house of partnership, you are probably longing for a personal partnership. You can set forth that intention on the new Moon on the 2nd, if that is what you truly desire. Just set appropriate boundaries as Cancer’s tend to be overly generous with their love that can move them into a co-dependent situation with another person. Transform that tendency within yourself by promising to notice when you slip into old behaviors and make the course correction. Those who truly love and appreciate you will honor your position. The positive vibes of the 15th, 16 and full Moon on the 17th are positive days for you.

Leo — July 24-August 23:  You have 4 planets transiting your solar 6th house, which is concerned with habits, your personal health, workplace environment and small animals. You’ve had similar energy emphasizing your health for the last 3 years. So continue to take good care of yourself and pay attention to any symptoms that come up as you are still vulnerable. Jupiter in Pisces enters your 8th house so there is some positive energy there for uncovering hidden motivations and expanding your psychic abilities. Your best days are the 18th and 19th so give yourself some kind of treat!

Virgo —  August 24-September 22: This month has some dual influences for you as there are 4 planets in your 5th house of creativity, children and fun! Nice! However, the upcoming Mercury retrograde emphasizes your persona, your personal appearance and your 10th house for your career and professional life. This is going to be a balancing act for you to give attention to both areas but it’s called having boundaries and you can do it. Jupiter enters your solar 7th house so your partner’s energy is positive and expansive for you. The 20th, 21st and 22nd are your special days.

Libra — September 23-October 22: The emphasis for you this month is in your solar 4th house, which is home, ancestors, family life and the basic foundations of your survival. With your ruling planet, Venus, also in retrograde motion until the 29th, you are revisiting and reevaluating past relationships as well as your current relationships. The energy is challenging in so many ways so keep breathing, set the boundaries you need to set and move through the next two months with caution and grace. Your best days are the 23rd and 24th.

Scorpio — October 23-November 22:  Mars is now transiting your solar 2nd house of money, assets and wealth in general. Mars’s energy speeds things up and makes things happen rapidly. Be careful about impulse buying anything expensive because Mars can cause harm to the house it transits. The new Moon happens in your 3rd house of communication and learning, so if you are inclined to take some kind of introductory course in an area of interest, go ahead and do it. Pay attention to your health too, nothing serious but you could get some kind of fever or inflammation this month. The 25th and 26th are your stellar days.

Sagittarius — November 23-December 20:  With Jupiter now in Pisces for the next 4 months, you are due for some positive expansion and optimism. Jupiter in Pisces is very psychically attuned so you can further develop this gift in 2022. Mars in your sign for the approximately the next 3 weeks gives you robust energy and a desire to expand and succeed. Family is going to be important this month as well. Your best days are the 1st, the 27th and 28th.

Capricorn — December 21-January 20:The new Moon happens in your 1st house and that event, along with Venus retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn brings an intensity to your path this year. Venus retrograde makes you want a close relationship and is giving you the internal drive to figure out exactly what you want in relationship. You can do this, in fact, this energy is gives on a desire to review, revise and re-do something that didn’t work out in the past. Be specific and forgive yourself for the mistakes from the past. The 2nd, 3rd, 29th and 30th are your lucky days this month.

Aquarius — January 21-February 19:  With 4 planets in your solar 12th house and Saturn in your 1st house, you are more serious and solitary than ever. It’s not exactly anti-social but reflects a need to recharge your own energy field and re-wire your nervous system by taking some time away from others to repair some holes in your aura. That may sound a bit out there but we do get run down from the jagged energy of others and harmful things in the environment. Saturn moves slowly….so it may take a couple of months before you feel full again. The 4th, 5th and 31st new Moon are your best days.

Pisces — February 20-March 20: Jupiter is back in your sign for the next four months and the last two months of 2022 so you begin and end the new year with optimism and good will towards others in a sincere and powerful way. The new Moons on the 2nd and 31st help cement that energy if you put forth that intention. The only possible negative with Jupiter in Pisces for a Pisces is the potential to gain weight. So don’t let your expansive outlook extend to your waist. Best days for fun and adventure are the 6th and 7th.


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January 2022 Monthly Horoscopes
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 January 2022 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

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