June 2021 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

This month starts out with quite a bit of volatility as Mars at 12 degrees Leo is opposite Saturn at 12 degrees Aquarius and they both square Uranus at just under 14 degrees Taurus.

This creates a dreaded fixed T-square in astro-speak. Mars, in any hard aspect to Uranus, is what I call an accident-prone time, as moving too quickly can create an undesirable effect.

That Saturn is also involved in this combination can slow things down if one can remember to back off and take some time to understand and focus rather that rush into a situation unprepared.

The fixed energy of this T-square makes it hard for people to back down from their positions, creating stalemate situations and frustrating stubbornness. Resist the urge to smack them upside the head!

This T-square aspect has many ongoing triggers of this month beginning with the Moon in Taurus on July 3 and 4. On July 6 and 7th, Venus enters the zone of conflict at 10 degrees of Leo and activates the same energy.

The Moon in Leo on July 11 and 12 triggers it again and on July 18 and 19th when the Moon is in Scorpio, we get yet another hit. The full Moon this month is in Aquarius on July 24th so once more the aspect is triggered.

As if that isn’t enough, the Sun at 9 degrees Leo and the Moon at 14 degrees Taurus replicate the same dynamic on July 31st and then along comes Mercury at 9 Leo on August 2nd, making the tense aspect last a few days longer.

Whew, that’s a whole lot of trouble for one month! In other words, don’t expect things to go that smoothly. Remain flexible with your plans and resilient in your attitude and you’ll get through it.

Read your Sun sign and Rising sign for best information.

Aries — March 21-April 19:  With your ruling planet, Mars, in fellow fire sign Leo there’s a positive dynamic for you as this Mars is also traveling with Venus in Leo in your solar 5th house of romance and creativity. If you are interested in attracting a love interest this month has the vibes for it, particularly between the 6th-13th. Put yourself out there. Your most positive days to get results are the 1st, the 28th, 29th and 30th.

Taurus — April 20-May 20:  The fixed T-square takes aim at the 9-14 degree range in your sign. Be aware that you could experience big shifts in things that you value, including money, assets and creature comforts. Allow yourself to accept change as just part of your path right now. With the Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo happening in your solar 4th house, it’s a good time to entertain and also make some aesthetic improvements to your home. Best days for you this month are the PM hours of the 3rd, the 4th, 5th, and the 31st.

Gemini — May 21-June 21: Your belief system and how you communicate takes a hit from this month’s fixed T-square. You may need to take some time off to do some soul searching about whether your belief system is really serving you. It may also be a good time to get some additional training or certification in something that will help you advance your career. That being said, there may be someone interested in you close to your home. Great days to pursue things are the 6th, 7th and AM hours of the 8th.

Cancer — June 22-July 23: This month the fixed T-square hits your solar 2nd, 8th and 11th houses, so some of the lessons are about money, how to get it, how to invest it and how to create more opportunities for it. So let yourself investigate more options and don’t get freaked out by short term changes. You must realize by now, after the long and protracted Pluto opposition in Capricorn, that you land on your feet. Use the positive vibes on the PM hours of the 8th, the 9th and 10th to get your way.

Leo — July 24-August 23: With Venus and Mars in your sign for most of the month, you get a blast of charisma and strong magnetic energy that hasn’t happened in a long while. This is positive attraction energy that is not to be taken lightly. So, what is it you truly desire? Answer that question and be ready to pursue it and to receive as the universe is calling. Use the lunar energy of the 11th and 12th to further your cause.

Virgo —  August 24-September 22:  The fixed T-square activates your 6th, 9th and 12th houses so there’s some health matters to address as well as your belief system linked into the dynamic. The 12th house trigger indicates some subconscious behaviors are calling some of the shots right now and it is best if you uncover what these are or face a sequence of challenges to it all month. The energy of the 13th, 14th and AM hours of the 15th can provide clues.

Libra — September 23-October 22:  With your ruling planet, lovely feminine Venus, traveling with masculine Mars this month, there’s the dynamic of partnership and sexual tension present in your dealings with the opposite sex. While that can be quite fun, it is involved with the T-square energy of Saturn and Uranus so there’s a need to be present and tough out some tense situations and the need to escape from the pressures of being in a relationship. Schedule some stress relieving time outs and some alone time to make use of the energy. Your best days are the PM hours of the 15th, the 16th and 17th.

Scorpio — October 23-November 22: This is a great month for career expansion in new ways as Mars and Venus are in your solar 10th house making for some power of attraction energy. There may be obligations with the family and your home life that you have to balance but you can manage it if you think outside the box but still honor your responsibilities. Partnerships can be a bit volatile if you get too rigid in your expectations and demands. Remember to lighten up, laugh and get a lot of physical exercise to balance out the stress. Your stellar days are the 18th and 19th.

Sagittarius — November 23-December 20: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Pisces, a sign it loves to be in at the very bottom of your chart, the solar 4th house. This can mean that family matters are close to your heart right now and your home matters a great deal to you. It could also be a great time to make improvements to your property, or command a high price if you decide to sell it. The fixed T-spare encompasses your solar 3rd, 6th and 9th houses so be careful when driving in your neighborhood, particularly the first 2 weeks of the month as well as with anything health related. The 20th and 21st are your best days.

Capricorn — December 21-January 20:  With your ruling planet, Saturn, part of the fixed T-square energy of this month, your 2nd, 5th and 8th houses are involved with this dynamic. This can encompass your wealth, assets, investment income and creative processes. Think outside the box to get the best of this energy and not get freaked out by the ups and downs of the month. Saturn likes slow and steady progress so give yourself some credit for doing most of it in that way. The lunar vibes of the 22nd and 23rd are your stellar days.

Aquarius — January 21-February 19:  With Saturn in your sign getting whacked by Mars and Uranus in the fixed T-square all month, you may be feeling totally out of sync and out of control because you are. So just roll with it. The 1st, 4th and 7th houses of your chart are affected by this disruptive energy so don’t expect calm interactions with family members or mates. Cut people a lot of slack this month as this energy doesn’t last forever. The full Moon of the 24th and the 25th are your best days for radical insights!

Pisces — February 20-March 20: With Jupiter now retrograde in the early degrees of your sign, there’s a feeling of security and hope along with the knowledge that something can be corrected or improved. The fixed T-square activates your solar 3rd, 6th and 12th houses so health projects may need to be addressed as well as changes in how you communicate. Dial back your own drama and don’t get triggered by others who try to rope you into theirs. The 26th and 27th are your most positive days.


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