May 2021 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Aries: Seven of Wands

With Mars (your ruler) now in Cancer — and moving through your 4th house — there may be times this month where you feel like retreating into your own thoughts and creating a safe inner sanctuary for yourself.

You may also find yourself needing to be more guarded and alert, rather than accepting things at face value.  You may face opposition from others, in the form of competition or outright resistance. You may also feel “under siege,” as in being attacked or ganged up on.

There may be a moral dilemma or a situation that requires you to compromise your ideals. This may be a friend who asks you to keep an uncomfortable confidence, an accusation that’s put you on the defense, or a situation in which you feel unfairly targeted.

In this version — from the Light Seer’s Tarot — the choice is pretty clear. It’s not going to be about fighting or one-upping anybody. It’s about distancing yourself from all the noise and reclaiming your own power.

There is a “hold your ground” element to the traditional Seven of Wands and a call to find your center in this one. Either way it’s about self-preservation. But what better way to strengthen your position than to harness all that energy, rather than allowing it to scatter all around you.

Think about the obstructions you’ve been standing in the way of obtaining your goals and work on breaking them down. You may have to explore uncomfortable feelings or you may have to conquer some fears. Whatever it is, know that you do have the tools at your disposal. The Seven of Wands requires you to consider solutions that might not be readily available, as you plan your next move.

TAURUS: Nine of Pentacles

Now is the time to count your blessings and to express gratitude for all of the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in your life.

The Nine of Pentacles is about shifting your attitude to one of gratitude. It speaks of attracting abundance and prosperity — not just with money and material things, but also to your own sense of self-worth.

It’s about being grateful for all you’ve acquired and recognizing that you deserve it. It’s about developing a prosperity consciousness, knowing that the Universe offers up unlimited abundance to those who do.

The Nine of Pentacles — this version from the 78 Tarot — represents that intricate and fulfilling balance between expressing gratitude and achieving prosperity.

The woman in this card seems to be struggling to maintain her balance. She holds the strings to Nine Pentacles — five hanging from one hand and four from the other.  And these are not just any old pentacles, they’re glowing disks with butterflies and pentagrams etched into them.

She may be dealing with conflicting priorities or she may have a hard time maintaining the equilibrium in her life. Or she may be trying to balance out the urge to spread the wealth vs. building a bigger nest egg, and recognizing that that’s no easy task.

This is a key feature with the Nine of Pentacles. Balancing out the give and take in your life while still maintaining your priorities. Remember that whatever you put out there — whether it’s time, energy, money or yourself — as well as whatever you’re open to receiving, will all balance out and be replenished over time.

GEMINI: Queen of Swords

Your card this month is the Ibis — or Nurturer of Feathers, the Animal Wisdom Tarot’s version of the Queen of Swords. This card indicates a need to rise above your emotions and look at things from a more logical, rational perspective.

As Swords are generally associated with Air, the idea is to focus on insights, communications and ideas. But there are emotional components to this card as well, because the Ibis is associated mythologically with the Moon and with lunar magic.

Notice the Ibis’ curved or crescent-shaped beak. This same curvature is repeated in the Crescent Moon in the sky and the feather suspended just above her head, as well as the Sun in the distance sinking into the ocean,

The Ibis stands on a solid rock that juts out of a shimmering pool of water. Her wings are spread and she looks braced for flight, but she’s clearly in a state of peaceful tranquility, as evidenced by the feather that floats gracefully above her head.

Think about how these images might apply to you this month. As the Nurturer of Feathers brings together two opposing forces (logic and emotion) you might look at how you can balance these divergent energies.

You may need to work on aligning your head with your heart for example. Or incorporating logic and reason into emotional decisions. As the Ibis in this card stands ready to take flight, she reminds you of the value in bringing everything back into balance.

HermitCancer: The Hermit

You may be more inclined to seek out solitude this month, with Mars now in your sign and a lineup of planets moving through you 12th house.

The Hermit  — this version from Cathy McClelland’s Star Tarot — is a card of going inside yourself to find your own strength and your own truth.

It is a card of wisdom… specifically the type of wisdom that comes from your own thoughts and experiences.

Sometimes when you have a problem or a goal there is only so much of the path forward that you can see. In this version of the card there is a distinctive area which is lighted by the illumination of the lantern whilst the remainder of the “picture” is outside of this illuminated area.

This does not mean you need to worry about what you cannot see and by and large what is outside the illuminated area is pretty dangerous including the cliff face immediately underfoot.

Nevertheless there doesn’t seem to be any risk you’ll take a step in the wrong direction. You’re well aware of what’s going on, what your part is in it and more important what you part is not in it thereby keeping your boundaries. Knowing if you overstep these boundaries you may very well find yourself in a perilous situation or at the very least one you do not want to be in.

The owl shows wisdom and this owl is alert! It is ready to alight if needs be and also surveying an area of your life that you may not be thinking about too strongly. For this reason you may find you begin to think of different areas of your life not with panic or worry but more with wisdom and answers to how you can change things.

If nothing else you can be assured you will have help and whilst this help seems to come from within you there is also a strength to you that you know you do not have to hold everything together on your own. The staff in your hand is strong and steady… as are your thoughts and actions.

Nine of Cups

LEO: Nine of Cups

Take time to look around you this month and see how many of your dreams have come true. The Nine of Cups is a card of happiness and fulfillment. It speaks of being more than just satisfied with your lot in life, but also feeling truly blessed and grateful with where you are.

The woman in this card — from the World Spirit Tarot — is dressed to the “nines” in a rainbow of vibrant colors, standing before eight distinctive goblets. She raises the ninth and shares its contents with a blackbird perched on its rim.

Blackbirds as animal totems are harbingers of blessings and good fortune. They also represent mystery, magic, wisdom and esoteric knowledge.

The Nine of Cups is known as the Wish card; in this sense it’s about manifesting your heart’s desires. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is left to chance. It’s about aligning yourself with the universal laws of attraction and getting what you deserve.

Along with being the “Wish” card, it’s also a card of Miracles. As there’s so much more focus on what one has than what one lacks, it’s easier to notice small miracles and in even the smallest things. Be careful though that you don’t become too complacent: one of the potential pitfalls with this card is getting exactly what you asked for and then discovering it wasn’t what you wanted in the first place.

Take some time to think about what you really want — and don’t forget to be grateful for what you already have. You do want to be mindful of what you “put out there,” and how willing you are to acknowledge the same in others. There’s an intricate balance between gratitude and personal fulfillment, so make sure you’re putting enough energy and effort into both.

VIRGO: The Loverslovers

This month, your relationship ruler (Jupiter) moves into your relationship house for the first time in almost 12 years. As a result you can expect this area — and the people moving in and out of it in whatever capacity — to take center stage.

The Lovers card — this version from the Joie de Vivre Tarot — is all about relationships and choices that need to be made regarding them. These may be complicated by temptations that emerge, forcing you to have to choose between dual principles or desires.

The lovers card is tied to Gemini, emphasizing the need for communications, which happens to also be the title of this card. That means listening as well as speaking, as can be seen with the figures in this card.

The couple in card aren’t watching the road ahead of them. They’re fully engrossed in one another, as are the creatures upon which they ride.Their hands (and tails) are intertwined, making it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The bird flying overhead carries a message of love.

Openness and honesty are important features in any relationship and will go a long ways toward keeping the love alive. This is going to be especially important for you, since your ruler (Mercury) is also retrograde for the better part of the month.

This card emphasizes the harmonious exchange of ideas. It’s about being on the same page — and moving in the same direction. Seeing eye to eye on important issues. And hearing the other person out.

Whatever your plans this month, leave room for spontaneity. This isn’t the time to get caught up in serious or monotonous plans. It’s more about sharing ideas with those you love, and expressing your feelings openly.

Three of WandsLibra: Three of Wands

This month you’ll be thinking about progress you’ve made on goals that are underway as you plan your next moves. You may feel the need to take a breather, or “rise above” it all in order to get an overview of how much you’ve already accomplished.

The Three of Wands — this version from the Ceccoli Tarot — refers to steps that have been taken and seeds that have been planted that are now starting to produce results. You can look at how far you’ve come and use that as a springboard for advancing your goals.

You can see the work in progress aspect in this card with the chain of flowers the angel figure strings together from the top of her perch. While it’s clear this has been an ongoing project, it looks like she’s hitting her stride now with the altitude she’s attained.

That’s an important feature of the Three of Wands — setting things in motion so that the work you’ve already done keeps building on itself while you expand your horizons.

The Three of Wands refers to creativity and adaptability as much as it does to acumen. It’s about seizing the opportunities that come your way and then incorporating them into your plans.

Notice the fox sniffing at the flowers in the background. This could spell trouble and there’s a chance our little angel will have to rethink some of her goals. But if she’s put enough of forethought into laying her foundations, she won’t have any trouble turning incidents like these to her advantage.

The Three of Wands encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your horizons. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessing in disguise that can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Scorpio: King of CupsKing of Cups

Your card for this month is the King of Cups from the beautiful Tarot of Dürer. It’s all about getting in touch with your emotions and learning to express them in a healthy mature manner.

The Kings — as with all of the court cards — will often describe an individual entering your life as a facilitator for an important lessons. In this case as it’s Cups (called “Chalices” in this deck) that lesson refers to the realm of feelings, emotions, instinct and intuition.

The King in this version is seated on a throne that rises of the ocean like a pedestal. His robes are ornate although somewhat weathered. His crown and his chalice are both gold. An elephant and a seahorse adorn his shield — a clear reference to his reign over land and sea.

Although this King is kind and compassionate, he’s nobody’s fool. He’s not easily persuaded or manipulated and he doesn’t get caught up in maudlin sentimentality. The seas around him may be turbulent, but he maintains his calm as he keeps a watchful eye on the horizon.

The King of Cups encourages you to be compassionate while still maintaining an air of authority. It speaks of developing a clear emotional radar without becoming wishy washy. And it speaks of getting a better understanding of your emotions without becoming overpowered by them.

If this is someone who has entered your life, pay attention to what he or she has to teach you. It may be as simple as observing how others conduct themselves in emotionally-charged situations. And it may be as complicated as trying to navigate the murky waters of manipulation, projection and denial.

You may be experiencing strong emotions yourself as they unexpectedly bubble to the surface. If this is the case. take a page out of the King of Cups’ book and try to deal with them with wisdom, grace and maturity.

Sagittarius: The Foolthe Fool

There are two big things happening for you this month: first your ruling planet (Jupiter) is moving into Pisces for the first time in also 12 yrs. And secondly there’s a total lunar eclipse that takes place in your sign later in the month.

Between these two major events, you’re likely to be thinking about taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown.

The Fool card is the first card in the tarot, numbered Zero. It represents the onset of the Fool’s journey and refers to new beginnings, fresh starts, a period of awakening and unlimited potential.

The Fool card is so beautifully represented here in the Pagan Tarot, where a young female initiate steps into the void with only her instincts — represented here by her feline companion — to guide her.

She steps gingerly out into the Universe with only her robe on her back and her familiar at her side. She touches down with her bare feet onto a pathway of stars and feels her way through the darkness.

The Fool card encourages you to consider the possibilities, no matter how impractical or far fetched they may be.  But there may also be uncertainty. The young witch in this card appears a bit more cautious and timid than most. But notice she’s moving forward and gaining momentum with every step she takes.

This is the ultimate “leap of faith” card. It’s about jumping into the unknown and trusting the Universe will provide a net. Think about what new adventures are in store for you, and how suspending all beliefs and concerns can get you in the necessary mindset.

You want to think about where you may be focusing too much on the destination (outcome) and not enough on the journey. It may not be easy to trust in this process, but the magic that can happen as a result is well worth the effort.

CAPRICORN: Four of Pentacles

This month, you want to be thinking about aligning yourself with a prosperity consciousness and making your money work for you. The Four of Pentacles (Four of Earth in this Deck) is sometimes just the opposite — holding too tightly to what you have or being too resistant to change.

This card — from the Vision Quest Tarot — can refer to a poverty consciousness or a hoarding mentality that creates blockages in your life and prevents new things from coming in. But it’s called “Security” in this deck, reminding us that there’s a fine line between the two.

In this regard it’s also about trust — or a lack of trust more specifically. The implication is that someone could take something from you (something you’ve ascribed a false sense of value to), which prompts you to hold on even more tightly (or hide it away).

Ask yourself what you’re holding onto too tightly and what opportunities you may be missing out on as a result? It could be money or material possessions; or it could be loved ones or ideals.

Whatever it is, remember that in protecting your own assets and keeping peril at bay, you’re also preventing new experiences from getting in. The fear that something could be taken away from you can prevent you from allowing something new to come in. But loosening up the strings a bit — like the figure in this card — can shatter that concept and turn it on its head.

Remember that the Universe doesn’t appreciate a vacuum. Letting go of your fears and aligning yourself with this consciousness can let the darkness (avarice, hoarding) out and the light (enlightenment, prosperity) in. Think about sharing what you have with others, and giving something back.

White Tiger SevenAQUARIUS: White Tiger Seven

The question you’re going to have to ask yourself this month is how much you’re willing to give up in order to attain what you desire?

The Seven of Swords — like all Sevens — requires you to evaluate all the different sides of a complicated situation, and arrive at a solution that causes the least amount of distress.

It can refer to a moral dilemma or one with no easy answer, such as a decision that favors head over heart. It can also refer to the need for strategy and scrutiny as you plan every move.

You can see the predicament this Tiger finds himself in — from the Feng Shui Tarot — but you can also see how his quick thinking has gotten him out of it.

That’s the hallmark of the Seven of Swords. It’s a tricky card that relates to an equally tricky dilemma. Do you risk letting go of what you treasure most just to save your neck? Or do you hold on for dear life, knowing that what you lose may be a far greater sacrifice in the end?

There are elements of mischief, trickery and even thievery in this card. You may be tempted to engage in practices that are not aligned with your principles. Or you may be the recipient of someone else’s duplicity. But these same elements can be used to your benefit.

The Seven of Swords represents skill and ingenuity as well. You must have a sharp mind and a vigilant approach if you’re to navigate through some of the obstacles before you. Opportunities come your way, but there’s always a catch. Just like the Tiger perched precariously above the flood waters surrounding him, you’ll have to stay on your toes and be willing to improvise.

Pisces: The Starsthe Stars

This month you want to be thinking about renewing your faith in the Universe, and seeing how (and where) you fit in to the greater scheme of things.

The Star card is a card of hope. It tells you that in spite of all your trials and tribulations,everything is as it should be, and in the end everything is going to be alright.

Look at the figure in this card — from the stunning Samurai Tarot. He kneels down in a shallow tide pool and gazes up at the night sky, only to be rewarded by its panoramic splendor.

This card is about getting perspective. Putting your faith in the Universe. Seeing where you fit in in the Cosmos. Getting in touch with your own capacity for awe and reverence. And feeling inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds you.

Notice how ocean spray seems to come to life in this image, brought on by the glow of the Full Moon and stars. Animal and human figures take shape, only to shift and change before your eyes. (For me what started out as a ceremonial dragon turned into Samurai warrior and oriental lion).

This card is all about synchronicity and serendipity. It’s a card of Hope and Faith in the Universe. It tells you that in spite of all your trials and tribulations, everything is as it should be, and in the end everything is going to be alright.

It invites you to open your eyes and see the vastness of the world around you, the billions of stars in the night sky and the billions of people that make up humanity. It comes as a reminder that even in in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds you, there is still room for growth. There’s still love, peace, beauty, harmony and compassion. There’s still the promise of forgiveness, redemption and salvation.


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