September 2020 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Aries: The Hanged Man

This month, with your ruling planet (Mars) turning retrograde, you may feel like the Universe is forcing you to put certain aspects of your life on hold. Plans you’ve made may he held up or delayed, or you may feel the need to take a step back and regroup.

This card — the Hanged Man from the Feng Shui Tarot — refers to things slowing down or even coming to a dead halt. It could be due to circumstances beyond your control, or it could be a decision you make when you realize the path you’re on is leading you in a direction you don’t want to go.

You could be frustrated over something that’s taken too long to manifest, or have the sense that nothing is happening despite your best efforts. You may also feel like it’s one step forward and two steps back, courtesy of Mars retrograde.

Roadblocks are put in your path — often for your own good. You may have been running at a break-neck pace, never stopping to look at what you’ve accomplished. Or you may have found yourself losing steam over a project that just hasn’t panned out.

Either way, it may be time to step back, take some time to get perspective and put things on hold — at least long enough to evaluate your commitment.

The Hanged Man can refer to delays and sacrifices and when it does, you can bet they’re necessary. You’ll have to trust that there’s a reason, even if it’s not readily apparent, and that it will reveal itself to you in time. It indicates a need to back down, even if what you really really want to do is push forward. Your best bet under these circumstances will be to surrender to a higher power, or at least give up the resistance, for now.

TAURUS: The High Priestess

This month with Mars going retrograde in your 12th house — the area associated with dreams, psychic perceptions and intuition, you may feel the urge to turn inward and explore the deeper, darker, more mysterious regions of your psyche.

The High Priestess — this version from the beautiful Crow Tarot — represents a call to listen to your intuition and heed your inner voice. It challenges you to look beneath the surface and find hidden nuggets of information that can help you round out the vast reservoirs of knowledge you already possess.

She is the feminine counterpoint to her predecessor, the Magician. Where the Magician is all about accessing mastering your skills and abilities, the High Priestess masters the rich inner world. It seeks to understand what feelings, intuitions and perceptions. What we don’t necessarily show to the outer world. What makes us “tick.”

She’s associated with wisdom and insight, psychic awareness, and a sense of “knowing” even when there is not a factual basis for it.

The High Priestess is at home in the world of arcane knowledge and esoterica. She’s both young and old, masculine and feminine, innocent and wise. She is the keeper of secrets, knowledge and mystery.

You may be getting more in touch with your own intuition or experiencing profound instances or déjà vu or synchronicity. It’s important to embrace these visions and try to understand them, rather than shying away from them. They can bring insights into not only your own personal choices, but the direction you need to be heading in the coming days.

GEMINI: Queen of SwordsQueen of Swords

You may have to adopt a bit of an “ice queen” persona this month, much like the Queen of Swords — this version from the Shadowscapes Tarot — depicted in this card.

Sometimes it’s necessary to detach yourself from emotional responses in order to get a job done. You may find yourself in a position of authority, having to “lay down the law” rather than listening to excuses or rationales.

That doesn’t mean you have to be “cold” — even though this Queen is seen here in the midst of an icy landscape. What it does mean though is that you’ll have to make decisions based on logic and principle rather than being swayed by emotional attachments.

This Queen of Swords is both graceful and subtle, both of which permits her to wield her sword without stepping on anyone’s toes. She cuts through the confusion and uncertainty that separates wants from needs.

It may be a matter of putting something you’ve wanted to rest — in the spirit of accepting that it’s just not good for you. Or it could be as simple as speaking the truth, knowing that you’d only be hurting yourself otherwise.

This card signals a need for logic and discipline. Whether you’re acting in this capacity or dealing with someone who embodies these qualities — like authority, self-reliance and impartiality — this month you will need to rise to the occasion.

Cancer: Two of SticksTwo of Sticks

Are you in need of more confidence and self-assurance these days? As Venus and Saturn inch closer and closer to their upcoming square aspect, you may be starting to feel overwhelmed by the weight of your own insecurities.

The Two of Sticks is the Rabbit Tarot’s version of the Two of Wands. He looks pretty dejected here out there in the middle of a snowstorm without a friend in the world. The sticks he’s carrying don’t seem heavy at all, but they’re somehow preventing him from moving forward.

This card indicates a struggle with keeping things in balance in your life. You may have great ideas and plans for the future (as seen with the one branch held high in the rabbit’s hand) that get weighed down by practical concerns — money, time, scheduling conflicts, etc. Or you may be held back by a lack of faith in your own abilities.

The Two of Wands is traditionally associated with daring, courage and initiative — which this little guy could use in spades. And he’s going to have to find them if he wants to get out of the rut that he’s in; otherwise he’ll freeze to death under a blanket of uncertainty and doubt.

The Two of Sticks says you’re going to have to put your neck on the line sometimes in order to get what you want out of life. You can’t let your fears (of making the wrong move or not being fully prepared) get in your way. If you’re wavering over a decision due to your own insecurities, consider the consequences of not choosing at all. You risk squandering important opportunities if you let your fears hold you back.

LEO: The Hierophant

This month, with Mars retrograding through your 9th house — the area associated with higher mind thinking — you may find yourself thinking about which of your attitudes, opinions and convictions are in need of an overhaul.

Belief systems that once served you may be out-dated now or may no longer be in alignment with where you see yourself heading.

There’s a certain dogma associated with the traditional aspects of this card. The Hierophant can be too conventional, too regimented and too self-righteous.

But this portrayal — from the Mary-el Tarot — alludes to the problems that can arise from the inability to wean yourself from that which no longer sustains you.

In this version of the card, the Hierophant is sad and overburdened; the babies are insatiable yet malnourished. It’s clear that no one is being served here. And it tells you that what once was a mutually fulfilling relationship is no longer viable.

It’s time to let go of those things that no longer “feed” you, and allow yourself to be open to a new set of ideals.

This card invites you to challenge your own belief systems and get rid of that which no longer serves you. It may be as simple as picking up a book that makes you question your pre-existing notions, and it can be as profound as a spiritual awakening that strengthens your beliefs and your relationship with a higher power.

VIRGO: The Lovers

Love is in the air for you this month, with the New Moon in your sign and both Jupiter and Saturn turning direct in your love and romance sector.

Whether you’re single, dating, married, separated, divorced or widowed, chances are good you’re going to be thinking about relationships.

The Lover’s card is about “love.” But it’s not always an easy or definitive love. Sometimes there are feelings of ambivalence or uncertainty, and sometimes there are choices to be made that can complicate things even more.

The concept of opposites attracting is front and center in this card, with the black and white swans. They’re both different and the same, and they only have eyes for each other. This version of the card — from the beautiful Animal Totem Tarot — emphasizes love and affection.

But life — and love — is not always so simple. This card can also indicate uncertainty in relationship or a decision that needs to be made. You may be wondering where you stand or whether someone you care about feels the same.

You may also be ready to fall head over heels in love and wondering when someone new is coming in. If you’re in love already and are happy with your choices, remember to celebrate that love with the object of your affection. And if you’re not; if you’re out there like so many of the rest of us still looking, don’t give up.

The Lovers card serves as a reminder that there’s someone out there for all of us, and that what is most important is having a great big old open heart that you’re ready, willing and able to share with another.

Five of WandsLibra: Five of Wands

With Mars going retrograde in your relationship sector this month, in hard aspect to Saturn in your home and family sector, you may be dealing with conflicts in one or both of these areas.

This transit can put you at odds with those you love. And what better way to illustrate this concept than this colorful group of mismatched characters, each more garish than the last?

The Five of Wands — this version for the beautiful Gypsy Palace Tarot — refers to conflict, strife and competition: forcing your will on others, trying to be heard above the “roar” of opposing viewpoints and struggling against cross-purposes.

You may have to look at where you may have been pushing your views forcefully onto others. You might not even realize that you’re doing it, yet your actions can translate as pressure. Petty squabbles can erupt into major arguments because no one’s actually listening to what anyone else has to say.

The important thing to remember is that most disagreements are based on misunderstandings in the first place. The inability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes –- coupled with the need to be heard — is behind almost every argument out there. And this combination can be a recipe for disaster.

This month, if you want to preserve the peace in your existing relationships, consider that certain topics ought to be completely off limits. Like politics and religion. Not because they’re unimportant, but because everyone involved is going to be already so invested in their own point of view that absolutely no progress can be made.

Scorpio: Three of FireThree of Fire

This could be a break though month for you, with recent setbacks resolved and recent worries put to rest.

This is the beautiful Japaridze Tarot’s version of the Three of Wands. It’s all about expanding your horizons and finding ways to make an imprint on the world around you.

It may be a matter of rising above your current situation and getting an overview of all the opportunities that are out there for you.

Chances are good you’ve already started to hit your stride. This is a hallmark of the Three of Fire. Having completed the initial stages of something — having “lifted off” — and seeing that there are vast new horizons to explore.

This card is all about enterprise and innovation. Bringing something new and different to the table and doing it in a way that’s never been seen before.

It’s about building a better mousetrap and setting your sites on distant horizons. What can I do with what I already have to make a difference in the world? What do I have to offer that will bring the greatest reward? These are the questions you want to be asking yourself right now.

The Three of Fire encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your horizons. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you may run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessings in disguise that can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Sagittarius: Nine of Pentacles

This month with your ruling planet (Jupiter) turning direct in your money sector, you’ll likely be focusing on abundance, prosperity and gratitude.

The Nine of Pentacles is all about enjoying the bounty that life affords you rather than focusing on what you lack. You may be feeling good about how far you’ve come and deserving of all you’ve been able to acquire. And now is the time to start enjoying it.

The Nine of Pentacles — called Gain in this version, from the Sun and Moon Tarot — represents getting to a point where you’re more than satisfied with what you’ve attained. This relates to money and material possessions, but also to your own sense of self-worth.

It’s about being grateful for all you’ve acquired and recognizing that you deserve it. It’s about counting your blessings and aligning yourself with those concepts, knowing that the Universe offers up unlimited abundance to those who do.

Take some time this month to remind yourself of all that you have. Count your own blessings and be appreciative of those who’ve helped you along the way. And because the Nine of Coins also represents an understanding of how wealth and abundance needs to flow (it’s called “currency” for a reason) be open to giving some of it away.

We know that all the money in the world won’t buy us happiness if it’s acquired without passion. Yet we keep on wanting more of it, and find ourselves struggling with the idea of figuring out how much is “enough.”

The Nine of Pentacles challenges us to not only answer that question but to examine our personal values as well. Remember that whatever you put out there — whether it’s time, energy, money or yourself — as well as whatever you’re open to receiving, will all balance out and be replenished over time.

CAPRICORN: Wheel of Fortune

This month both Jupiter and Saturn are going direct in your sign. As a result, you’re likely to see things changing in several areas of your life, and mostly for the better.

This the Light Seer’s Tarot’s version of the Wheel of Fortune. And while this card is generally associated with “luck,” it’s also about change, and more specifically our life cycles which are in a perpetual state of becoming.

We all experience these up and down cycles — and we all try to maximize the former while minimizing the latter. Sometimes we blame ourselves for the down times (assuming we’ve “brought it all on ourselves”) while viewing the up times as outside of our control.

But the Wheel of Fortune tells us that both are necessary and that the good times wouldn’t be good without the frame of reference of the not-so-good times.

There are also elements of karma and fate associated with this card; yet the Wheel of Fortune refers as much to creating your own destiny — and mastering your own fate — as it does to dealing with karmic repercussions.

It’s a reminder that all we send out comes back to us in some form or another. It may not be today; it may be months, years or even lifetimes away. Remember that as one one door closes, another one opens — just as the wheel turns and the seasons change. Your transits this month speak of finding ways to voice your intentions while at the same time putting disappointments and heartaches behind you.

Eight of CupsAQUARIUS: Eight of Cups

This month may see you taking steps toward leaving behind something that no longer fulfills or sustains you.

The Eight of Cups — this version from the beautiful Fairy Lights Tarot — refers to getting in touch with your values, which can be a painful process. It involves forcing yourself to face certain realities and walk away from something (or from someone) that doesn’t live up to them.

On the upside it means taking the high road and making a transition. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. The Eight of Cups requires you to let go of something — a dream, a relationship, a set of goals, etc. — in order to move to that higher ground.

This is a card of transition, but unlike most, this one comes from conscious choice. It’s not a matter of the Universe throwing a curve-ball your way; rather it’s a conscious decision arrived at through careful consideration. It’s a choice you make when you realize you’re no longer fulfilled.

You may feel alone or abandoned during this time — rejected by a loved one or peers. Yet it’s your own discontent that prompts you to “walk away,” rather than trying to keep up the pretense that those who let you down were ever truly on your side.

This doesn’t refer to loss so much as it does to seeing things more clearly and then using that new-found clarity to head toward higher ground. Like the brightly shining crescent moon in this card, it’s about new beginnings rather than endings. See this card as an invitation to strike out on your own, follow your own path and pave your own way.

Pisces: Ace of Pentacles

This month you want to be counting your blessings and focusing on attracting more of the same into your life. The Ace of Pentacles — this version from the Ostara Tarot — refers to new opportunities for growth, prosperity and abundance, of which material (financial) gain is only a small part of.

It refers to planting seeds which then grow and flourish, and ultimately begin to propagate and replenish themselves — much like the grape vines framing the scarab on this card.

You want to focus on what you have rather than what you lack. What you’ve invited into your life rather than what you’ve left behind. And what you’re putting out there now, as a means of attracting more of the same.

The Ace of Pentacles is a card of assurance and inspiration. It’s a “Yes” card, a manifesting card, a card of limitless promise and potential. If it’s money you want, now is the time to work on attracting more of it into your life.

You may be in line for a raise or promotion, or you could learn of job opportunity that involves a bigger salary. You could also be the benefactor of someone else’s generosity. Either way, you should have more opportunities and more financial resources at your disposal than you’ve had in recent months.

You may also feel that your luck is changing. As the Ace of Pentacles is associated with a positive change in fortune. It’s telling you to keep up the good work, to go after your dreams, and to be open to all that the Universe has to offer you.


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