Weekly Astrology Forecast — Apr 19, 2021 – Apr 25, 2021


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Forecast for the week of Apr 19, 2021 – Apr 25, 2021:

This week starts with the Sun and Mercury both leaving Aries and moving into Taurus on Monday. The Sun in Taurus speaks of getting in touch with nature and the earth, and with taking care of “business.” This is a good time for thinking about making, saving and investing money. It’s also a good time for taking care of your physical body and for indulging all five senses.

While the Sun was in Aries you may have been so focused on getting things done that you didn’t have time to stop and smell the flowers. The Sun in Taurus not only slows you down enough to do just that, it also heightens your ability to appreciate and enjoy the prospect.

With Mercury, those same principles are applied with emphasis on thoughts and ideas, communications and local travel. As these two planets are also conjunct (in a superior conjunction, meaning that it’s on the other side of the Sun), the energy expressed by each planet is heightened, although with Mercury hidden beneath the Sun’s rays, you may need to hold off on making important decisions as there is bound to be information that comes to light later on.

On Tuesday, the asteroid Vesta goes stationary direct at 6° Virgo 41. Vesta went retrograde in January in the latter degrees of Virgo and will remain in this sign until late July. Vesta — named from the mythological Vestal Virgins — is probably more at home in this sign than any other. It shares many of the same traits. It’s focused on autonomy, self-improvement and service to others, which are all seen in abundance in Virgo.

This may be a time for taking a more in-depth look at the choices, concessions and sacrifices you’ve made, all in the name of purity and perfection. This is the essence of Vesta in Virgo, which will be prominent for the next 3 months.

At this point there are no planets in fire signs (aside from Chiron which is not technically a planet). That is until Wednesday when the Moon moves into Leo. The Leo Moon in general is associated with warmth, vitality, personality and creative self-expression. But it can also be self-important and forceful, especially when challenged.

As a result you want to let down your own defenses and steer clear of trying to sway anyone else to your way of thinking. It’s not going to be the time to try to push your views on others or refuse to consider another’s point of view.

Meanwhile, Mars is both void of course and out of bounds, and on Thursday it’s at an anaretic degree (29° Gemini) as it prepares to change signs. The last degree of a sign is known as a critical degree and is said to be fated. With Mars, it’s associate with actions (and reactions) which may be all over the map right now

You want work on staying centered and not allowing your buttons to get pushed during this time. You want to be on the lookout for erratic behavior from others as well.  Try not to take things too personally or to jump to conclusions regarding other people intentions.

Mars leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer on Friday. Mars is debilitated in Cancer, the sign opposite its place of exaltation (Capricorn). It can be moody, temperamental and irritable. It can also manifest as passive-aggression. But as with all weak planetary placements, there are also some wonderfully favorable aspects: in this case a motivation (Mars) toward empathy, nurturing and caring for others.

At its worst, Mars in Cancer can be irritable, moody, defensive and passive aggressive. But at its best, it is a champion for the underdog; it can act as a guardian angel, taking up the fight for those who are weak or vulnerable.

Venus conjuncts Uranus, also on Friday. This transit can bring in someone new, as in a sudden attraction to someone who goes against “type” and can manifest as love at first sight whirlwind romance. Venus and Uranus together can be exciting but somewhat erratic. So stay in the moment rather than projecting any long-term ideals onto a relationship that ignites during this transit.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus on Saturday. This transit is great for brainstorming and thinking outside the box. It’s about innovation, progress and change. As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus is also tied to flashes of genius and insight.

It’s inventive, progressive and forward thinking. It relates to expressing your own personal opinions (in contrast to Mercury’s penchant for absorbing facts and ideas that have been gathered from other sources).

Mercury next conjuncts Venus (on Sunday), with both of them then squaring Saturn. The first part of this combination — the Mercury conjunct Uranus portion — is generally very positive. It’s pleasant and cooperative, focusing primarily on relationships.

It adds a layer of romance to interpersonal communications, and may see you revealing more about yourself (and your feelings and intentions) than you’d planned. But the hard aspects to Saturn can put a damper on all that. The square from Mercury can bring doubts and inhibitions to the forefront, where the square from Venus can manifest as feeling lonely, rejected or left out.

As the week comes to an end, try to find a happy middle ground between these two divergent signatures. You’re going to need to rest up because next week there’s a lot going on, including Venus re-emerging as a morning star, Pluto going retrograde and the first Super Moon full Moon of the year.




That’s it for this week! see you next week.


Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.

Weekly Astro Forecast —

Apr 19, 2021 – Apr 25, 2021

astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Apr 19, 2021 – Apr 25, 2021

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