Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jan 25, 2021 – Jan 31, 2021


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Forecast for the week of Jan 25, 2021 – Jan 31, 2021:

This week starts with a 60° aspect (sextile) between the Sun and Chiron on Monday. This transit can lead us to a better understanding of what others are going through at any given time. Especially the more agonizing emotional experiences that are still unresolved. It open us up to vulnerabilities we might ordinarily dismiss or overlook. It can bring reminders of our own traumatic experiences to the forefront, and help us to identify the same in others.

This transit is made all the more relevant in that it’s positioned in action-oriented signs. With Sun in Aquarius — the sign that’s associated with embracing the quirks and idiosyncrasies in others — and Chiron in Aries — the sign associated with courage and conviction — this aspect act as a catalyst for change, by breaking through whatever obstacles are standing in your way.

The Sun moves ahead to square Uranus on the following day (Tuesday), while Neptune squares the North and South Nodes. The Sun / Uranus square can be argumentative and combative. It pits the Will and Ego energy associated with the Sun against the rebellious / antagonist Uranian impulse, which can result in friction and disharmony. This is especially true with the square between Neptune and the Nodes, which is also referred to as “at the bendings” and associated with the concept of fate.

This combination can be defiant and combative so if you’re dealing with someone who’s acting like an unruly teenager, your best move is going to be to completely disengage. In this case since the Sun is in radical, rebellious Aquarius and Uranus is in stubborn, resistant Taurus there will be no winners, only antagonistic opponents with bruised egos.

The Moon is at home in Cancer at this point and will trine Neptune and then oppose Venus and Pluto before it goes void of course (around 5:45 pm Wednesday). The Moon in Cancer is known for reacting (and over-reacting) emotionally, which under better circumstances might be fine. But the tension produced by the opposition to Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, followed by almost 10 hours where it’s void of course, this won’t be one of those times.

The Moon in Cancer tends to bring the focus to things like home, family, heritage and security issues, and these are the areas most likely to be affected. As such you want to be aware of the potential for misunderstandings, or for words taken out of context which can wind up hurting people’s feelings.

The Venus / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is exact on Thursday, just in time for 2021’s first Full Moon. The Venus / Pluto aspect can be positively tantalizing with emphasis on the urge to merge with another. Don’t be surprised if a partner or love interest starts trying to get frisky with you. Venus conjunct Pluto is a captivating aspect that is known for its sex appeal and rarely fails to deliver.

January’s Full Moon is known as the Full Wolf Moon in Native American traditions. This was so named because the cold winters in January meant that food was sparse, bringing the wolves out to howl for for food under the light of the Moon.

This Full Moon (at 9° Leo 05) takes place at 7:16 pm UT (or 2:16pm EST). It’s part of a tight T-square involving Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Moon, with Mars at the focal point. At this point there are seven planets in fixed signs, including the Sun and Moon.

This configuration — especially in fixed signs — can be problematic. With the Sun ruling the individual and the Moon ruling the masses, and both of them in hard aspect to planets associated with self-righteousness and bravado, we may see more acts of aggression during this time.

The Leo Moon in general is associated with warmth, vitality, personality and creative self-expression. But it can also be self-important and forceful, especially when challenged. As a result you want to let down your own defenses and steer clear of trying to sway anyone else to your way of thinking. It’s not going to be the time to try to push your views on others or refuse to consider another’s point of view.

The Sun / Jupiter portion of that T-square is exact on Friday. This is generally a “feel good” aspect that can boost your confidence and see you feeling more optimistic and enthusiastic. Sun / Jupiter transits are said to be lucky, but they can also be overindulgent. So don’t get too carried away.

As the Sun conjuncts Jupiter just about once a year, this isn’t exactly an uncommon aspect. But it’s still an excellent time to count the blessings in your life and focus on what you have rather than what you lack. That doesn’t mean everything’s going to be hunky dory. But it does suggest opportunities to re-align yourself with more harmonious and conciliatory energies.

On Saturday, Mercury goes stationary retrograde, as it does a few times every year. As always we want to be ready to roll with the punches as far as making plans and developing expectations. When Mercury goes retrograde, Mercury-ruled things naturally start to go a little haywire.

Communications tend to run amok, plans get turned on their head, communications devices (computers, electronics, cell-phones, etc.) and written communications (emails, texts, letters, etc.) get lost or misconstrued. It’s not a good time to sign contracts or legal documents and not a good time to purchase Mercury-ruled items (automobiles, televisions, computers and so on). It will remain retrograde for the next 3+ months, when it turns direct (at 11° Aquarius) on Feb 22nd.

At this point (other than the planet Chiron) we’re severely lacking in Fire sign energy and will be for next two months. We’re strong on Air and Earth signs though, and by Sunday, with the Moon in Virgo we’ll have five. This is going to mark of period of regrouping, regrounding ourselves and preserving what we have.

With four planets also in Air signs right now, it should also be a time of strategizing and envisioning a New world order, especially with those four planets in progressive, forward-thinking Aquarius.





That’s it for this week! see you next week.

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.

Weekly Astro Forecast —

Jan 25, 2021 – Jan 31, 2021

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jan 25, 2021 – Jan 31, 2021

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