Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jul 27, 2020 – Aug 2, 2020


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Forecast for the week of Jul 27, 2020 – Aug 2, 2020:

This week starts with a Mercury / Mars square on Monday, just as Venus squares and Jupiter sextiles Neptune. The Mercury / Mars aspect — especially with Mars in Aries — can bring anger, impatience, aggression and recklessness to the surface, which can lead to confrontations.  And because Mercury is in hypersensitive Cancer, there’s a potential for misunderstandings and hurt feelings as well. 

This transit suggests that communications can be tempestuous, so consider taking a breath and count to 10 before you speak — especially if what you say can come across to others as angry or abrasive. It can manifest as harsh words, confrontations, temper tantrums and impatience. And it can also be careless and / or reckless which translates to “accident prone.” Watch your step during this transit, in more ways than one.

Fortunately the aspects from Venus and Jupiter to Neptune can take the edge off of things, especially the Jupiter sextile, which brings two planets co-ruling two signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) together in harmony. This is a “saving grace” transit that’s been in effect — the varying degrees — for a good part of 2020.

This transit can lead you down a spiritual path or see you pursuing a higher calling. It’s generous, benevolent and altruistic. This is a time for putting your trust in the Universe and cooperating with the powers that be. It’s good for engaging in creative, spiritual or even magical pursuits and is excellent for offering up your intentions to the Universe, fully trusting that they’ll be fulfilled.

The Venus square is a little trickier although still kinder and gentler than the one involving Mercury and Mars. This aspect can translate as unrealistic expectations and wishful thinking — especially regarding romantic interests. You may have to check yourself if you’re spending too much time daydreaming or wondering “what if.” This transit is prone to flights of fantasy and can be downright delusional. It’s not the time to put your stock in people who’ haven’t proven themselves or who have engaged in dubious practices in the past.

The personal planets (Mercury, Venus  and Mars) are quite active this week and are interacting frequently with one another. Keep this in mind as the Moon joins in and ties them all together. On Tuesday for example, the Moon (in Scorpio) inconjuncts both Venus and Mars, and forms a grand water trine with Mercury and Neptune. 

The Moon / Venus / Mars aspect is called a Yod (or finger of God) aspect. It can be compulsive and all-consuming, especially with the Moon in Scorpio at the focal point. But it can also bring  opportunity for change. The grand trine compels you to take a unique approach to ironing out your problems and to go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

On Thursday, Mercury trines Neptune and opposes Jupiter. The Mercury / Neptune portion of this aspect can see your mind playing tricks on you. Wondering “is what I have to say important enough to say? Am I even sure about what I think?” But this aspect is also both idealistic and visionary.

The opposition to Jupiter can see you at odds with another, particularly where politics or religious beliefs are concerned. You want to make sure you’re not projecting unrealistic expectations onto others. You may find yourself reading too much into what other people say or promising way more than you can deliver.

Moderation is always the key with oppositions (especially those involving planetary pairs as in the case with Mercury and Jupiter). You want to find the middle ground here: in this case between what you believe in (Jupiter) and how you express those beliefs to others (Mercury).

Mercury next opposes Pluto (on Saturday). This transit can be willful and rebellious, so be mindful of loved ones’ need to be themselves. Power struggles, harsh words and trust issues are all indicated here. This is not the time to try to force someone into a specific role or exert your own expectations on others.

At the same time, also on Saturday, the Sun trines Chiron. This transit can see you looking out a little less for number one and thinking about what you can do for those who need some added support. You may be feeling particularly charitable. Whether you want to practice random acts of kindness, work on paying it forward, or just be there for a friend in need, you’ll find that rewards will far outweigh the inconveniences, so take some time to lend a helping hand. You’ll be glad you did.

There’s a Sun / Uranus square on Sunday as we try to wind the week down. This transit can be combative and argumentative. This aspect pits that same ego / will energy associated with the Sun against the rebellious / antagonist Uranian impulse. It can create friction, especially if you sense that someone is trying to tell you what to do or how to act.

This transit can be defiant and combative so if you’re dealing with someone who’s acting like an unruly teenager, your best move is going to be to completely disengage. In this case since the Sun is in willful, determined Leo and Uranus is in stubborn, resistant Taurus there will be no winners, only antagonistic opponents with bruised egos.

That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Jul 27, 2020 – Aug 2, 2020

astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jul 27, 2020 – Aug 2, 2020

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