Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jul 29, 2019 – Aug 4, 2019:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Jul 29, 2019 – Aug 4, 2019:

This week starts on Monday with the Moon and Mercury in mutual reception and the Sun trining Chiron. The Moon / Mercury reception can translate as an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an ability to impart both guidance and wisdom to others. It’s capable of listening as well as speaking and gathering information for later use.

This aspect is curious, observant and insightful. It’s capable of seeing things that others cannot see. Its unique vantage point allows it to rise above petty grievances and broaden its perspective.

The Sun / Chiron trine can see you looking out a little less for number one and thinking about what you can do for those who need some added support. You may be feeling particularly charitable during this time. It makes it easier for you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, which allows you to more clearly see their point of view.

Whether you want to practice random acts of kindness, work on paying it forward, or just be there for a friend in need, you’ll find that rewards will far outweigh the inconveniences, so take some time to lend a helping hand. You’ll be glad you did.

Keep this attitude going, because the following on day (on Tuesday) the Sun moves ahead to square Uranus, just as Mars inconjuncts Neptune. The Sun / Uranus square can bring out the rebel in you and everyone around you. You may feel like bucking the system or challenging other people’s attitudes. This aspect likes to go against the grain so be sure you’re really invested in whatever cause you’re devoting yourself to and not just doing things for shock value.

The Mars/ Neptune inconjunct is a little more sobering and can leave you feeling a bit melancholy, but only if you let it. Remember that Neptune is in its own sign right now, as are the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Moon does go void around 4:30 am on Wednesday, where it will remain until it moves into Leo mid-afternoon. The void of course Moon can see you briefly feeling aimless or adrift in a sea of uncertainty, but since it’s in Cancer — the sign it rules — you’ll no doubt run out of interesting things to ponder.

On Thursday, we have a New Moon at 8o Leo 36?. As New Moons always represent fresh starts and new beginnings, this one — in Leo — brings opportunities to reinvent yourself.

As Leo is the sign associated with warmth, vitality, personality and creative self-expression, the emphasis is on reveling in the moment, embracing life to the fullest, and setting your worries aside long enough to bask in the light of the day. The Leo Moon is regal, dignified and proud. It’s a warm, creative, dynamic placement, especially with the Sun, Venus and Mars all also in Leo at this time.

Also on Thursday, Mercury turns stationary direct. It will still be several days before Mercury crosses its shadow point (August 15th) and fully leaves the retrograde behind. But it officially ends at 3:12 am (UT).

After having been retrograde for the past few weeks, this change in direction can be a welcome relief. Because it’s in Cancer — which it first entered on June 5th before turning retrograde — it invites us to to turn inward and explore the more emotional regions of our psyches, as we process our own fears and heal our own wounds.

Fortunately there’s also a Venus / Chiron trine on Thursday which can help us do just that. This aspect may see you becoming more aware of your own capacity for giving and for being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. This is a charitable aspect that compels you to reach into the very depths of your soul — where compassion, forgiveness and understanding all reside — and bring forth that which is within you in order to pass it onto others.

Hold onto your hat though, because Venus squares Uranus on Friday. Conflicts can erupt — from seemingly out of nowhere — in both your personal relationships and your interactions with others. This aspect pits the urge to merge against the desire for freedom and independence so could see you on a completely different page from your loved ones.

There’s also a Moon / Mars conjunction (in Leo) that forms the apex of a Yod aspect to Neptune and Pluto. This aspect can bring with it the urge to fight for what you believe in and to right the wrongs you see in your own community. It can manifest as a desire to take on a leadership role and to become a champion for others.

The Yod configuration is also known as the “finger of God,” as it’s often involved in life-changing (or earth-shattering) events. You may find yourself wanting to tackle issues that are outside of your comfort zone, in your personal life and your community. This is often seen as a warrior aspect, which can place you at the forefront of social or political battlelines.

Mars completes its inconjunct to Pluto on Sunday. Remember that Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. These planets both rule (and co-rule) Scorpio and Aries — two incredibly passionate and powerful signs. As with all inconjuncts, the key to rebalancing this energy is adjusting your own perceptions and adapting your own approach. This aspect forces us to re-evaluate our relationship with deep-seated fears and desires and find a way to reconcile them with our personal realities.

That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Jul 29, 2019 – Aug 4, 2019

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jul 29, 2019 – Aug 4, 2019:

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