Weekly Astrology Forecast — Mar 15, 2021 – Mar 21, 2021


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Forecast for the week of Mar 15, 2021 – Mar 21, 2021:

This week starts on Monday with Mercury moving into Pisces, where it will join the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Mercury is said to be debilitated in Pisces, as the sign of both its detriment and fall.

But there are many positive aspects associated with this combination. Things like heightened intuition, increased sensitivity, unparalleled compassion and a sense of being aligned with, and a part of humanity overall. Something we could all use a little more of in these trying times.

The Sun sextiles Pluto on Tuesday. This aspect emphasizes personal power and charisma. It’s a collaborative aspect that represents a time of increased confidence and comfort. It’s good for defining your goals and going after them without feeling the urge to resort to aggression or force.

The sextile is all about joining hands and working with others rather than fighting against them. It speaks of cooperation and accommodation. With respect to the Sun and Pluto, it’s good for empowering others to stand up for themselves and let their voices be heard.

Wednesday’s Moon / Uranus conjunction in Taurus squares Saturn. Although the Moon in strong in Taurus (as the sign of its exaltation) it’s likely to be overpowered by Saturn and Uranus. And this is where things can get tense.

The fundamental differences between those who are trying to hold onto the old ways and those who are pushing for change are likely to be intensified during this time. It’s not going to be the time to try to get someone to “see the light.” They’re just as invested in their views as you are in yours and you’re not likely to get anywhere. Fortunately lunar transits are fleeting and this one will be over by the end of the day.

On Thursday, Mars sextile Chiron while Venus sextiles Pluto. Mars sextile Chiron is known as a gentle warrior aspect. It can manifest as a desire to stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. it can also make it easier for us to see and acknowledge other people’s points of view.

With respect to the Venus / Pluto transit, this one can bring out the urge. Don’t be surprised if a partner or love interest starts trying to get frisky with you. It’s an alluring, seductive aspect that is known for its sex appeal and rarely fails to deliver.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, and on Friday it comes to its exact degree of exaltation. This is Venus’ most coveted placement, with the exaltation strengthening its natural inclinations toward love, beauty, harmony and cooperation.’

At the same time (also on Friday) Mercury sextiles Uranus. This aspect is great for brainstorming and thinking outside the box. With Mercury in Aquarius (the sign Uranus rules), this transit brings insight and awareness to the surface. It’s all about innovation progress and change. Radical ideas and flashes of brilliance.

On Saturday, the Sun moves into Aries, marking the onset of the Vernal Equinox, or first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere: in the Southern hemisphere it’s exactly the opposite, ie Autumnal Equinox and first day of Fall). The Sun in Aries signals a time to come alive and see the world through brand new eyes. It’s a time for embracing life fully, without fear or trepidation.

The Equinoxes are also tied to the need to find balance in our lives, with the days and nights of relatively equal lengths. The days get longer (in the Northern latitudes) as the nights get shorter from here on out. It indicates a time to reflect on what areas in our own lives are out of harmony and work toward bringing them back into sync.

With the Sun now in Aries, we have 4 planets in dignity (the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Neptune) and perhaps most significantly, we put an end to the Fire-sign dry spell. Aside from ephemeral Moon placements, we’ve been entirely lacking in Fire sign energy since the beginning of the year.

And just in the nick of time Venus joins in, moving into Aries on Sunday, where it will remain for the next four weeks. Venus is in detriment in Aries, as the sign opposite its natural ruler, Libra. While there are said to be some disadvantages to having a planet in detriment — usually due to societal norms and expectations rather than any deficit in the archetype itself — there are some wonderful benefits as well.

Venus in Aries is able to put its heart on the line and go “all in” when it comes to love. It’s ardent and passionate about matters of the heart and sees itself as a bit of a maverick. This is a great time to put yourself out there, without fear. It’s a time for taking risks in love and for opening yourself up to new opportunities.

That’s it for this week! see you next week.

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Mar 15, 2021 – Mar 21, 2021

astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Mar 15, 2021 – Mar 21, 2021

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