Weekly Astrology Forecast — Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 28, 2021


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Forecast for the week of Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 28, 2021:

This week starts with a Mars / Saturn trine on Monday. With Saturn in its own sign (and Mars disposited by the Sun and Venus), it’s a good time to take plans that have been thoroughly and painstakingly finessed (Saturn) and put them into action (Mars).

While this aspect isn’t particularly luck, it does clear the path to get things done. It knows that there is work to be done and gives you the motivation and discipline to set about doing it. It’s rife with opportunities, as long as you’re willing to work for them.

On Tuesday there’s a Moon / Pluto opposition and an out-of-bounds Mars. Although the Moon is normally happy in Cancer (the sign it naturally rules), this combination is likely to intensify emotional reactions, especially the more uncomfortable emotions like anger, jealousy, suspicion, mistrust and even paranoia.

The out of bounds Mars can behave a bit like a wild-card; it can be impulsive, erratic and difficult to contain. Combined with the Moon / Pluto transit and it can manifest as trust issues, hidden agendas and passive aggressive behavior. This is not going to be the time to confront your enemies or to engage in power struggles with anyone.

Especially since the hits just keep on coming when it comes to Mars this week. On Wednesday it’s involved in a hard 90° (square) aspect with Mercury. This is a highly volatile and potentially explosive transit that can see you drawing battle lines with those who don’t share your same political or ideological views.

This is not the time to engage in confrontational (or legally questionable) behaviors as you’re unlikely to come out unscathed. Try to steer clear of hot-button topics (mainly politics and religion) during this time if at all possible.

Mercury squares the North and South Nodes on Thursday. This is also referred to by classical astrologers as “at the bendings.” This can indicate a period of crises with emphasis on the concept of fate.

As Mercury represents thoughts, ideas, communications and mental activities, this can translate literally as a crisis in consciousness. It can also manifest as inconvenient or uncomfortable discussions. Feeling like you’re being put on the spot or forced to answer questions you’re not prepared to answer.

On Friday, the Sun conjuncts Venus while Mars conjuncts the North Node. With respect to the Sun / Venus conjunction, this is a superior conjunction, meaning that Venus will shift from morning star (rising ahead of the Sun) to evening star (setting after the Sun) in the coming days. This is also referred to as Venus Hesperus and is associated with a more thoughtful, strategic relationship style. Where the morning star Venus is associated with passion, impulse and “following your heart,” the evening star Venus is more “think first and act later” — at least in matters of the heart.

But before Venus makes its appearance in the evening sky, It will be hidden from view (obscured by the Sun’s rays) until early May. This condition is referred to astrologically as “combust.” As Venus represents love, beauty and personal values, this transit can bring you closer to loved ones, or it can bring someone new into your life. It can manifest too as a conduit for clearing up relationship misunderstandings and bringing you and your loved ones get back into sync.

The Mars / North Node conjunction is all about taking an active role in group interactions and discussions. Remember that there needs to be a good balance between give and take: don’t try to force your views on others, or you could wind up alienating them.

Sunday’s Full Moon — at 8° Libra 18 — occurs at 6:48 pm UT (or 2:48 pm EDT).

The March Full Moon is called the Full Crow Moon, Full Worm Moon, Full Sap Moon and Full Sugar Moon in Native American traditions. And because it’s the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, this year it’s also known as the Full Paschal Moon.

Full Moons shine a spotlight on areas in your birth chart that are affected, you might look to your own chart to see where this will play out for you.

The Libra full moon is about fairness and objectivity. It’s good for social interactions that call for cooperation and collaboration, as it strives for balance and harmony at all times. In general, the Full Moon provides an overview of the progress you’ve made since its New Moon counterpoint earlier in the month. Seeds that were planted then will surely have sprouted; do you need to make adjustments or change your course entirely? Now is the time to think about what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go from here.

There’s a Venus / Chiron sextile on Sunday. This transit may see you becoming more aware of your own capacity for giving and for being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. This is a charitable aspect that compels you to reach into the very depths of your soul — where compassion, forgiveness and understanding all reside — and bring forth that which is within you in order to pass it onto others.

That’s it for this week! see you next week.

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 28, 2021

astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 28, 2021

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