Weekly Astrology Forecast — May 25, 2020 – May 31, 2020


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Forecast for the week of May 25, 2020 – May 31, 2020:

We start the week with the Moon conjunct the North Node in Cancer on Monday, while Mars sextiles Uranus.The Moon is right at home in Cancer, the sign it naturally rules. Its conjunction to its own North Node occurs at 0° Cancer which could see you wanting to concentrate more on home and family than anything else during this time.

The Moon’s North and South Nodes are naturally retrograde. They spend about a year and a half in each sign as a part of a larger 19+ year cycle. In this case with the Nodes at 0°, they’re spending their last few days in Cancer and Capricorn before moving into Gemini and Sagittarius.

The Mars / Uranus sextile is a high-energy aspect that can have you feeling like you can succeed in anything you set your sites on. There’s not a lot of forethought there; it’s all action, energy and innovation. It’s moving forward in leaps and bounds, breaking through whatever has held you back in the past and pushing past limitations.

On Wednesday, the asteroid Juno goes stationary direct, at 6° Libra. As Juno is the goddess of partnership and marriage (among many other things) and this change in direction occurs in Libra — the sign associated with the same — this is the area you’re most likely to put all that you learned (during the retrograde) to the test.

This is a time for evaluating your relationship choices moving forward. If challenges arose in this area over the last three months (when Juno went retrograde), you want to look at what changes have been made. How do you make sure you’re not spinning your wheels or repeating self-defeating patterns?  Because Libra is associated with fairness, objectivity and impartiality, you’ll want to address your own shortcomings as well.

Mercury moves into Cancer on Thursday, where it will remain until early August. This is due to a its going retrograde mid-way through the sign (on June 19th) and then going direct again in mid-July. Mercury in Cancer can see you taking a trip down memory lane. Unexpected reminders of the past — songs playing on the radio, sights and sounds and scents from your childhood, even dreams of people you haven’t seen in years — can make you nostalgic and thinking about the past.

This is a highly sensitive though, so make sure you’re not making mountains out of molehills, reading too much between the lines or taking things too personally during this time. It can’t hurt to reach out to someone from your past (especially family members you haven’t kept up with as much as you’d like) and let them know they’ve been on your mind.

With Mercury just entering Cancer, and the North Node just getting ready to leave it behind, the two of them together — in the form of a conjunction — on Friday. With Mercury conjuncting the North Node, it will automatically oppose the South Node since the Nodes are always in direct opposition.

This can manifest as a chance encounter that turns out to be anything but in the end. Whether it’s a past-life connection or just someone you meet unexpectedly that turns into a significant connection, you want to pay attention. Also be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Mercury represents communications and the Nodes are said to be karmic in nature. So pay attention to what you put out there as it could have long term repercussions.

The Moon enters first-quarter phase at 9° Virgo on Saturday. The first quarter Moon is tied to home, family, security, emotions and needs (among other things). But that’s not always a good thing. In this case it becomes the third leg of a mutable t-square involving the Sun, Moon and Saturn (with the Sun at the apex).

This is a volatile and potentially combative aspect. But it’ also relatively short lived. Keep that in mind if you find yourself on the receiving end of disgruntled family member. With the Sun at the apex there are likely to be egos involved. Don’t allow yourself to get triggered, or goaded into engaging in petty squabbles.

As the week comes to an end (on Sunday) the Moon is much better situated. It trines Pluto and Jupiter — while still in Virgo — and then trines Saturn once it moves into Libra later on. Trines are generally more cooperative and harmonious aspects, and all the more so when involving Earth signs. 

As Virgo is the sign associated with improving, refining and organizing, this might be a good time for Spring cleaning, This signature is good for being able to separate the wheat from chaff, so don’t be afraid to look at your surroundings with a discerning eye and then getting rid of what you no longer need,

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

May 25, 2020 – May 31, 2020

astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — May 25, 2020 – May 31, 2020

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