Weekly Astrology Forecast — Oct 26, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Forecast for the week of Oct 26, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020:

This week we have two planets (Mercury and Venus) changing signs, a Cardinal t-square involving the Moon, Mercury and  Saturn, and a Full “Blue” Moon in Taurus.

We start the week on Monday with the Moon in Pisces, where it trines Mercury and the Sun and sextiles Uranus before the day is through. These are all relatively cozy and mellow transits, with the Pisces Moon bringing empathy, intuition and empathy to the table, with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus adding elements of brilliance and creativity.

The Moon in Pisces is loving, compassionate, and highly impressionable. It can increase psychic awareness and make you more susceptible to outside influences. It’s mystical and ethereal, but can also be incredibly naive. It’s not good at filtering out negative or harmful information, and can therefore be easily deceived. This is the most sensitive and idealistic  Moon there is. So try to put yourself in other people’s shoes and show some compassion during these trying times.

Venus and Mercury both move into Libra on Tuesday (or Wednesday in some parts of the world). In fact both arrive within minutes of one another, but they’re coming in from opposite directions. Venus moves forward into Libra from Virgo and Mercury moves backwards (retrograde) into Libra from Scorpio.

Starting with Venus, as Libra’s natural ruler, we can assume that it’s happiest and most comfortable there (along with Taurus, the sign it co-rules, and Pisces, the sign of its exaltation). Venus in Libra is all about peace, love and understanding. It’s about compromising and accommodating the needs of others in order to preserve harmony and balance in our lives. This extends to relationships of course, as Venus is the “love” planet and Libra is the relationship and partnership sign.

Mercury in Libra is known to be indecisive. It tends to vacillate or straddle the fence rather than take a stand. It’s good for debating and arbitrating, as it’s able to see the validity in any side of an argument. But it can also be frustratingly wishy-washy. On the upside though, it’s objective, impartial and fair. It’s good at exercising tact and diplomacy, even if it’s not so good at making decisions.

SInce these planets are 30° degrees apart, they’re involved in what’s called a semi-sextile with one another. This is a relatively common aspect, since Mercury and Venus are always close to one another along the ecliptic. In general this transit is about being in touch with your feelings enough to put them into words, and it’s about wanting to express what you feel openly and honestly. As Mercury is retrograde, it can also see you taking a trip down memory lane, or feeling the urge to reach out and touch someone from your past.

By Thursday with the Moon now in Aries, there will be 8 planets in Cardinal signs, with that same Aries Moon wreaking havoc on most of them. Cardinal signs are the go-getters of the zodiac. They’re the movers and the shakers; the make things happen — or least get them started. They’re much better at initiating than they are at following through.

The Moon in Aries is known for being dynamic and assertive, and by Friday it’s sparring with the big boys (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn). There’s no question that this configuration can be persuasive.  But it can also be aggressive, controlling and confrontational. Fortunately lunar transits are fleeting, so at the least the emotional component (the Moon’s portion) of this aspect will be short-lived.

Saturday’s Full Moon is the second of the month, making it a “Blue Moon.” It takes place at 2:49 pm UT (or 10:49 am ET), at 8° Taurus 38′.

The Full Moon in Taurus shines a light on our value systems, the things that we hold near and dear, which as most of us know by now are not always “things.”

This Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, which means the Sun (always in opposition to a Full Moon) is also opposing Uranus.

While the Moon / Uranus conjunction can shine a bright light on things like progress, innovation and ingenuity, the opposition can be quite contentious.

This aspect can bring conflicts with friends or relationship partners to the forefront. The Sun and Uranus represent natural polarities, as the planets that rule Leo (the Sun) and Aquarius (Uranus). In this respect the opposition pits the desire to express yourself as an individual against your interest in figuring out where you fit in. The goal should be to find a middle ground between these two opposing views.

This transit can be wilful and rebellious, so be mindful of loved ones’ need to be themselves. This is not the time to try to force someone into a specific role or exert your own expectations on others.

As we turn our clocks back and say goodbye to October on Sunday, we have Mercury squaring Saturn and Venus opposing Chiron. The Venus / Chiron aspect is all about needing to establish clearer boundaries and identifying personal values. It can see you struggling with doubts and insecurities about your own self-worth.

The Mercury Saturn aspect can be a bit of a downer or a rain-on-your-parade aspect, with the planet ruling thoughts and ideas (Mercury) in conflict with the planet ruling restrictions and limitations. It can manifest as an existential crisis, but only if you let it. Since oppositions are always about “forced integration,” you want to think about ways to satisfy both of these energies.

Saturn opposite Mercury can see you questioning the value of your ideas. You may feel more self-conscious during this time, or more hesitant to put yourself out there. But by integrating these energies — as in clearing out the cobwebs in your mind and making informed, practical decisions — you can get a lot accomplished.




That’s it for this week! see you next week.

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.

Weekly Astro Forecast —

Oct 26, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020


astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Oct 26, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020

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