Weekly Astrology Forecast — Sep 2, 2019 – Sep 8, 2019:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Sep 2, 2019 – Sep 8, 2019:

We start this week with a Sun / Mars conjunction on Monday, with Venus squaring Jupiter and sextiling the North Node. With Mars so close to the Sun it’s said to be hidden by the Sun’s bright rays, a condition known astrologically as “combust.”

Add to that the Venus aspects — the square to Jupiter, an expansive, indulgent energy, and the sextile to the North Node, a cooperative, conciliatory energy — and this combination of aspects can make for a harmonious, productive day.

Mercury conjuncts Mars on Tuesday. Mercury and Mars coming together in Virgo can manifest as nit-picky and hyper-critical. It can also be somewhat careless or reckless. This is another accident-prone transit which can be minor (small cuts, burns, bruises, etc.) or major (automobile accidents, fires and physical violence).

Fortunately Mercury both rules and is exalted in Virgo, making for a more natural and less stressful expression of this energy. You still want to do what you can to release any tension in the safety of your home — or the gym — so that it doesn’t come at you from the outside.

The Sun next conjuncts Mercury (on Wednesday), bringing the number of currently combust planets to three. Remember Venus is also still combust the Sun, even though the exact conjunction was last week. This aspect is called “cazimi” (in the heart of the Sun) so that its influence is said to be heightened and energized by the Sun. Mercury conjunct the Sun in Virgo is analytical and perfectionistic, but it can also be hyper-critical. It’s great for doing highly-detailed or even monotonous work, but not so good for scrutinizing (without finding fault) in everyone or everything around you.

Venus is also opposing Neptune on Wednesday. This aspect can see longing to escape into a romantic fantasy. It can increase your sensitivity to the injustices of the world or to your perception of the mistreatment of others. It’s also profoundly creative and inspirational. It’s not the best time to initiate a new romance — at least one you have hopes of leading to something more serious. But it’s good for indulging in romantic fantasies or tapping into your own creative potential.

Mercury sextiles the North Node on Thursday (thus automatically trining the South Node). This transir is all about developing a comfortable rapport with others. It’s about generating a meeting of the minds and communing with those who are on the same page. This transit also indicates a need for cooperation and compromise, which is especially important since the Nodes always emphasize meaningful and potentially karmic connections with others.

Mercury also trines Saturn on Thursday (with the Sun joining in on Friday). Mercury / Sun aspects are generally rational and focused, while the Sun and Saturn are ambitious and goal oriented. Bring them together in a harmonious 120 degree angle (trine) and you’ve got a fantastic recipe for success. And this is serious business: you may not feel like putting your party hat on over the next few days, but you can get a lot accomplished.

This set of aspects is good for getting down to business, especially in the workplace. It’s good for making plans and assessing progress that’s already been made. They’re both incredibly disciplined and productive, so if you want to get something done now is the time to do it.

Also on Friday, Mercury squares Jupiter. The potential for overdoing things — as in over-committing, overindulging and over-extending yourself — is great. There’s a potential for biting off more than you can chew so be careful not to make promises you can’t keep or to annoy or others with your outlandish ideas.

Add Neptune to the mix (which Mercury opposes on Saturday) and you’ve got a mutable t-square, with Jupiter at the apex. This is a tricky configuration which amplifies all that Mercury / Jupiter bravado and adds elements of uncertainty and confusion. All three of these planets are in their own signs right now which should make it a little easier to bear.

But still the Mercury / Neptune portion of this t-square can make you more susceptible to misunderstandings and self-deception. It’s not the best time to make plans, sign contracts or commit to a schedule as these things are likely to change. Where does this opposition fall in your natal chart? Depending on the houses involved, you’ll want to work on integrating these opposing energies (ideas vs. fantasies, facts vs. delusions, etc.) into your psyche.

Fortunately there are some other really nice transits on Saturday, with the Sun sextiling the North Node and Venus trining Pluto. Since the Nodes are always polar opposites, the Sun will also automatically trine the South Node. These aspects between the Sun and Nodes can bring people in that you’re working through past-life karma with (South Node) or creating new karma with (North Node). Of course these are often one and the same.

The Venus / Pluto trine opens you up to meaningful connections with others. Whether these are romantic / sexual in nature or just significant in terms of shared interests and ideals remains to be seen. But this transit brings with it elements of magnetism and charisma so be prepared to make an impact on those you encounter along the way.

The Sun squares Jupiter on Sunday. This aspect can manifest as feeling so expansive and gregarious that you end up biting off more than you can chew or promising more than you can deliver. The combination of enthusiasm and benevolence can get you thinking you can do more than you really can. And while your heart may be in the right place, your inability to follow through can get you into hot water.

This aspect is known for going out on a limb and making grandiose plans. It can also be overly confident and self-indulgent.You may be feeling so jovial and so overconfident that you have a hard time reigning in it and exercising any real discipline. By this point the Sun have become part of that t-square involving Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune. So you’ll want to work on redefining your sense of Self and your Ego (the Sun), and on finding a middle ground between evolution and expansion (Jupiter) and hope and inspiration (Neptune).

That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Sep 2, 2019 – Sep 8, 2019

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Sep 2, 2019 – Sep 8, 2019:

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