Weekly Astrology Forecast — Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Forecast for the week of Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020:

Highlights this week include a planet (Venus) changing signs, two planets (Saturn and Pluto) changing direction and the first of this month’s two full Moons. 

We start the week on Monday with Venus trining Mars and inconjuncting Saturn. The trine to Mars — with both of these planets in Fire signs — brings love and romance to the forefront. This transit is all about going with the flow and staying in sync with your loved ones. It’s good for attracting new people into your life and for collaborating with others.

As this a fire sign trine, the energy is more ardent and passionate, but the emphasis is on collaboration and cooperation rather than resistance. All is not perfect — especially with the inconjunct to Saturn. Still, this transits weighs much more on the side of making love than it does on making war, so take advantage of it if you have the opportunity.

On Tuesday, Saturn goes direct while at the same time squaring Mars. While Saturn and Mars are both currently moving through the signs they naturally rule, that’s about the only thing they have going for them during this time. Saturn has been retrograde since the middle of May, and Mars is still retrograde. And the square aspect itself is generally rife with accompanied by obstacles and restrictions. Still with Satur moving forward again we can start to see some of that earlier crystallization breaking up. and making room for movement and growth.

This shifts the focus from going back and redefining your goals to moving forward with a new and improved perspective. This is a somewhat simplified explanation of what happens when Saturn changes direction but it can serve you well. With Saturn moving through the final degrees of its own sign, you can see this as a time to put the finishing touches on whatever public or professional goals you’ve been working on over the last 2+ years.

In the meantime, the Sun and Venus are still in mutual reception, which each planet occupying the other’s ruling sign. And this is particularly helpful on Wednesday, with the Sun opposing Chiron and Venus opposing the Moon. The mutual reception can activate the positive energy for both planets, making for enhanced communications, especially where cooperation and collaboration are concerned.

On Thursday, we have a Full Moon at 9° Aries 08′. This the first of two full moons we have this month (the second one — appropriately — falls on Halloween). 

This one is called the Harvest Moon with the latter one referred to as the Hunter’s Moon.

The Full Moon provides an overview of the progress you’ve made since its New Moon counterpoint in September. Seeds that were planted then will surely have sprouted; do you need to make adjustments or change your course entirely? Now is the time to think about what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go from here.

Because it’s in Aries — the sign associated with action, energy, motivation and drive — we can see how harnessing this Full Moon’s promise can lead to some very good things. But it’s also conjunct Chiron, which places emphasis on compassion for others, as well as the ability to make sacrifices for those who need support. This conjunction invites us to develop an awareness of how we can serve others — through seeing their problems mirrored in our own lives. 

There’s a desire to nurture and protect those who are less fortunate, and to tap into our own bottomless pools of empathy to bring healing and solace to those who need it. This is a time of emotional purity and sensitivity. It’s a time for shrugging off cynicism and renewing our appreciation for innocence, simplicity and most importantly love.

Venus moves into cool, calm and hyper-critical Virgo on Friday.  Venus is debilitated in Virgo, the sign of its Fall. Still there are many positive aspects associated with Venus in Virgo; things like purity, conscientiousness, dedication and devotion. As a result, it’s a great time to focus on work and productivity. It’s good for working on yourself as well — as in changes to your physical appearance, starting a new diet or exercise regimen, diving into self-help books, and taking care of your health.

Venus in Virgo is incredibly autonomous, so think about what you may have relied on others for in the past that you’re capable of tackling on your own. This doesn’t mean you need to shy away from partnerships: in fact this placement is right at home when it comes to doting on and taking care of others. But it’s a good time to think about the things you’ve been wanting to do to improve and enrich your own life, and then setting about to do them.

Pluto goes stationary direct on Sunday, after having spent the last six months in retrograde motion. It’s been retrograde since April 25th, 2020 and will turn retrograde again on April 28th, 2021. As Pluto turns direct again you may see suppressed urges and desires returning to the surface (much like the Roman God for which it is named emerges from the underworld in ancient mythology).

Pluto turning direct forces you to look at those urges in the harsh light of day and decide whether you’re ready to deal with them or push them back below the surface. Obviously the former is preferable as it can mean the difference between life happening to you (and having no control) or taking charge of your destiny and having some say in how it all plays out.

That’s it for this week! see you next week.

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020

astro-chart By Melodie

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 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020

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